"We only had the opportunity to experience your warmth and extreme caring for eight hours before my mom died. 

But from the moment we stepped into your "home", I knew we were in the right place. 

Mom received excellent care and so did we, her family.

We could feel the love and warmth even during this most difficult time."

A Community Resource

At times, individuals with terminal illnesses need care that cannot be provided in their own home. For these individuals, Hospice House —The Josie Harper Residence offers care and a place to call home.

Sponsored by CHI Health, Methodist Hospital, the Visiting Nurse Association, and the Nebraska Medicine, Hospice House is a comfortable, home-like hospice facility for those who have chosen non-curative, comfort care. Some will stay a few days, some a few weeks, and others several months.

Levels of Care:

Inpatient Care: Residents needing short-term, 24-hour care for pain control or to help manage severe symptoms which cannot be well-managed in other settings.  Medicare and Nebraska Medicaid pay for this  level of care at  Hospice House.

Routine Care: Residents needing help with daily care but whose pain and symptoms are well-managed. The entrance fee and daily care charges are not paid by Medicare and are the responsibility of the resident.

Payment for Care:

Private Insurance: Some private insurance plans will pay for  inpatient care and routine care at Hospice House. Your employer, insurance representative and hospice team can help determine what your plan allows.

Nebraska Medicaid: Some individuals are unable to pay the cost of routine care at Hospice House need to apply for Nebraska Medicaid. If eligible, Medicaid will determine a reduced rate that the resident is responsible for paying.

Hospice House Mission:

Hospice House staff and volunteers implement the mission set forth by the board of directors: 

To embrace residents living with terminal illnesses and their families and friends with compassionate care and comfort, and to provide end-of-life education in the community.

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